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How are the PRT and FJI carried out?

Targeted treatment under CT guidance 

During periradicular therapy (PRT) a very thin needle is advanced up to the irritated nerve root in the spine, and with facet-joint infiltration (FJI) the needle is inserted to the inflamed facet joints. The treatment is carried out under computed-tomography control, meaning computed tomography (CT) is simultaneously performed and used to guide the needle to the correct location.

Through this needle potent medicines are introduced, which have a local anaesthetic, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving effect. Usually the inflammation and pain origination occur within a very small space. Since the optimal vision through the CT allows precise navigation and millimetre accurate administration of medication, only a small amount of medication is necessary.

Break of the pain cycle 

The effect: inflammation and pain is controlled precisely, the inflamed nerve root is calmed, and its swelling decreases. Most importantly, by relieving the compression on the nerve root, the vicious cycle of inflammation and increased pain is broken - an important prerequisite for a life free of pain.

Short treatment time 

The treatment is applied with the patient under local anaesthesia and while lying down, and takes about 5 minutes. No special aftercare is needed. You can go home and resume your daily routine, including your work, about 30 minutes after the treatment.

The treatment is offered here 

Periradicular therapy (PRT) and facet-joint infiltration (FJI) are offered at the following locations of radiologicum munich: