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When is a PRT or FJI needed?

When does the PRT or FGI help?

Periradicular therapy (PRT) and facet-joint infiltration (FJI) can help if strong, acute pain persists and treatment measures such as physical therapy and medications no longer bring relief to the chronic radiating back pain anymore.

By targeting the cause of the pain specifically, PRT and FJI can bring about a lasting relief of symptoms. Sometimes these treatment options may even be a low-risk, gentle and very effective alternative to surgery.

When are PRT and FJI used? 

PRT and FJI are used in the following cases:

  • With acute or chronic back pain in the lumbar spine, thoracic and cervical spine, or emanating from a disc protrusion or herniated disc pressing on a nerve root;
  • With pain stemming from scar formation after disc surgery;
  • With radiating pain associated with sciatica, lumbago and shoulder-arm discomfort;
  • In case of pain stemming from the sacroiliac joint;
  • With nerve-root inflammation in the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine;
  • With signs of wear of the vertebral joints, for example vertebral slip.

The treatment is offered here 

Periradicular therapy (PRT) and facet-joint infiltration (FJI) are offered at the following locations of radiologicum munich: