Orthokine Therapy, Interventional Radiology, Radiologicum MunichOrthokine Therapy, Interventional Radiology, Radiologicum Munich

Orthokine therapy

Protect joints and control pain with autologous substances

The term "Orthokine Therapy" refers to a very effective treatment option of joint and back pain with minimal side effects. Orthokine treatment uses the body’s own chemical messengers, derived from the patients’ blood, as the medicine to protect the articular cartilage and inhibit inflammation.

Gentle pain treatment

The orthokine serum is injected directly into the inflamed joint, or around the inflamed nerve root in the spine, and thus acts precisely where the pain originates. The treatment is generally well tolerated since the body responds naturally to its own familiar substance.

Longer lasting relief of symptoms can often be achieved with orthokine treatment. Thus the treatment is a gentle alternative to cortisone treatment.

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