Nuclear Medicine, Myocardial-Scintigraphy

Myocardial-scintigraphy examination process

The myocardial scintigraphy has to be carried out on an empty stomach. Also note that you may not drink any coffee the afternoon / evening before the procedure. However, you may take your usual morning medications with a sip of water. Also, certain medications (such as beta blockers) should not be taken if possible. You will receive more detailed information during the registration for the investigation.

The actual myocardial scan is composed of a stress test, and if necessary also an at-rest part. Since it is not known prior to the investigation whether you have do undergo only one or both parts, you should plan on the examination lasting into the (early) afternoon to be safe.

The stress test is performed in the morning. Strain is placed on the heart either through physical exercise (hard pedalling on a bike) or induced by drugs. The stress test is performed with constant medical supervision and ECG monitoring. During this physical stress a small amount of low-level radioactive Tc-99m sestamibi is injected into an arm vein.

The post-stress phase follows the stress phase and lasts about 30 to 60 minutes. During this phase you should have a meal with high fat content (e.g. bread with butter, bread with sausage or cheese, chocolate, full-cream milk or the like). After this phase, the recording is completed with the gamma camera while you are lying down. This takes about 20 minutes. The images are then evaluated and it is decided whether an additional rest test is needed. In most cases an at-rest test is not necessary, and thus the investigation can be completed before noon.

If the myocardial at-rest test is needed, a waiting period of about 2 hours is necessary so that the radioactivity in the heart muscle can decay. Then once again Tc99m sestamibi is injected into your arm vein (this time the test is performed without additional physical or drug-induced stress). Once again there is a 30 to 60-minute waiting period (with intake of another high-fat meal). Afterwards the recording with the gamma camera is completed. Our doctors will explain the examination results to you, and you will receive a copy of the image for referring colleagues.

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