Digital X-rays, Radiography Imaging, Radiologicum Munich

How is the X-ray examination performed?

Usually only 5 to 10 minutes are required for an X-ray examination. The examination is completely painless.

Investigation process

Before the examination, all foreign bodies such as watches, jewellery, hair clips, or bras are removed and stored. Lead aprons are then used to protect areas of the body that are particularly sensitive to radiation.
Subsequently, trained personnel correctly position the patient for the shots. The X-ray personnel stay in a different room throughout the radiograph to protect themselves from radiation exposure.
The patient should not move during the recording, and may have to just hold his/her breath, in order to avoid blurry X-ray images.

After the examination 

With digital radiography, the radiologist can view the images on the computer immediately after the recording. The images do not have to be elaborately developed any longer.

The examination is offered here 

Digital X-ray is available at the following locations of radiologicum munich: