Digital Imaging Radiography, Radiologicum Munich

How does digital X-ray work?

Digital instead of analog 

Formerly, a light-sensitive film was exposed to X-rays and then developed. The digital X-ray is the modern development of the conventional X-ray, using a digital-detector system instead of traditional photographic film.
During the examination, X-rays are directed specifically at the particular body region in question. Other body parts are not directly exposed to radiation. The X-rays penetrate the examined body and are attenuated differently by the various internal structures, such as organs and bones.

Less radiation 

A digital-detector system on the opposite side captures the incoming X-rays, varying in strength, and converts the signals into an image on the computer. This system is much more sensitive than conventional X-ray systems. Therefore, a significant reduction in the radiation dose is possible.

No elaborate film developing is needed any more 

Since there is no need for film development with digital radiography, the images are ready for review immediately after the examination. Therefore the chemical equipment previously needed for film development is no longer required.

The examination is offered here 

Digital X-ray is available at the following locations of radiologicum munich: